Wine and Dine in Manthiri Luxury Liveaboard Maldives

Dining on board achieves the same tempting quality and sophistication as our diving experiences. Trained at a top Maldivian resort, professional chefs Bodey and Hema ensure a sophisticated twist on the contemporary flavors of Maldives, a tasteful blend of East and West. Seasoned by ten years of serving on board Manthiri, our chefs know precisely how to pamper divers with the finest seafood, aromatic local specialities, and global cuisine, guaranteed to suit the palates of guests from around the world. Diners are further enticed by a refreshing array of fresh fruits and vegetables, delectably prepared. 

Both our menu and our dining hours have been crafted to meet the needs of divers. Our chefs begin each day by offering a pre-dive mini breakfast. A full breakfast is served after divers resurface and snacks are always available between dives. So even between meals, our cuisine is delicious, abundant and invigorating.