“ One of the best dive vacations ever”
Delores Rogers, ( 15 – 25 Sep , 2016) Divers Market

“ Best Trip I have ever been on. The crew and dive team are the best!”
Jack Powers, ( 15 – 25 Sep , 2016) Divers Market

“This is a once in a life time trip that every scuba diver need to experience. Diving was spectacular and service on Manthiri was outstanding. So glad I was able to come on this trip”
Mara Potter (27 July – 06 August, 2016) Mass Diving

“ Best I have ever done. Every dive had something new and the dive guides were very good at spotting interesting marine life”
Zach Merson (27 July – 06 August, 2016) Mass Diving

“Top vacation trip I’ve ever had diving. I was overwhelmed by the level of service and quality of every part of the trip. Will be back. Thanks to the crew- Amazing group of professionals”
Karen Ahearn (27 July – 06 August, 2016) Mass Diving

“Excellent! Loved the variety of dives. I saw everything that I came to see!!”
Barbara Hollings (07 – 17 Apr, 2016) Jupiter Dive Center

“Superb!! Very enjoyable. A mix of everything, loved the currents, the night dives, w/sharks, manta cleaning stations- whale shark dive”
Anita Suttmiller (07 – 17 Apr, 2016) Jupiter Dive Center

“Had come to Maldives on Liveaboard about 2 ½ years ago and didn't enjoy. Decided to try again. Glad we did”
Mariam Ruffele (07 – 17 Apr, 2016) Jupiter Dive Center

“The crew made the trip outstanding!”
Paulino J. Gonzalez ( 28 Mar – 06 Apr, 2016) Scuba West

“The best experience I had of my life”
Dilip Mehta ( 28 Mar – 06 Apr, 2016) Scuba West

“Diving was awesome, met all my expectations, Amazing level of service and Initiative, Keep doing what you are doing”
T. Scott Cook ( 07 – 17 Mar, 2016) Westfield Water Sports / WEU

“Just an incredible experience, from the beginning to the end. The entire staff goes way out of their way to make your time spent with them full of memories that you will treasure your entire life. You are treated like royalty. The staff anticipates your needs before you do!”
Dale Bolton ( 07 – 17 Mar, 2016) Westfield Water Sports / WEU

“Loved every second of this trip, would definitely do it again, thanks for world class service and divings”
Nathan Loftin ( 07 – 17 Mar, 2016) Westfield Water Sports / WEU

“Highly recommend to anyone looking for a terrific vacation. Tons of amazing diving with some of the worlds best dive guides & staff. Private Island Birthday was an outstanding touch and so nice!”
Natalie Menck ( 07 – 17 Mar, 2016) Westfield Water Sports / WEU

“The service on this boat is truly outstanding – on the dhoni, at meals or underwater. The best of the more than 20 Liveaboards I have been on. Thanks for an unforgettable trip!”
Dr. Sherwin Isenberg (15 – 24 Dec, 2015)

“Truly an amazing experience! The diving and customer service was excellent. After 35 years of diving of diving and visiting all the oceans and continents, this will be tough to beat. We will be back! ”
Faith Ortins (13 – 23 Nov, 2015)

“ I have been working on Liveaboard in diving industry for 15 years and this was by far the best service I have seen. Everyone was great! Special thanks to Ali for his outstanding customer service, reef knowledge and sense of humor.”
Arkadiusz Mszycams (23 Oct – 01 Nov, 2015)

Ron Lagerlof ( 08 – 22 Oct, 2015 )

“ This is my 3rd trip, but definitely not my last! The Manthiri has the best crew of any Liveaboard anywhere in the world! Thank you all so much ”
Erin Quigley (08 – 22 Oct, 2015 )

“ Best crew on a Liveaboard. Very well serviced boat & very clean”
Kevin Feor, 18 – 27 Sep, 2015

“ This was the most enjoyable dive trip I have ever been on, Due to the quality of the staff and the diving”
Robert (Bob) Russo, 26 July – 04 August, 2015

"Amazing service, friendly & knowledgeable crew! Nothing negative to report! Not one bad comment. This crew took care of everything. Even things that I did not even know needed to be taken care of." 
Kim Barrett, 26 Jan 2012

"Incredible diving, excellent guides & completely pampered throughout trip!!!. Amazing service! Outstanding briefings, support & guides. Moosa & Ali always in control - safety first. Felt extremely comfortable … Thank you. Best live-aboard service ever had. Incredible service and thank you to crew …. will recommend to others and love to come back!!".
Kristin King, 26 Jan 2012

"Excellent crew. Terrific attitude and service. Super food. Boat and dhoni are ideally suited for its purpose. My highest compliments to all".
Edward Neuberg, 26 Jan 2012

"Great work -- Excellent Crew. Moosa was fantastic! Top notch from all involved."
Ryan Ensser, 26 Jan 2012

"Fantastic dives w.great DMs, especially Moosa"
Beth McCrea, 26 Jan 2012

Ali & Hemanta in particular very very professional and personable. Encounters with all crew was always very good. Barman should make it clearer whether or not beer/wine is available. On all other counts excellent trip. 
Allison and Richard Tater, 20 - 27 Dec 2011. 

The crew were the best part of the trip apart from the actual diving. They worked so hard and took such great care of the whole family. We were really spoilt!! Thank you all so very much!
The whole crew was very courteous, diligent and professional, super efficient + helpful. Amazing dive trip, had so much fun - the crew were fantastic. Christmas celebration was extra special, thank you so much!!
Bridges, 20 - 27 Dec 2011. 

Excellent, professional and experienced crew. Real teamwork making each guest feel welcome and highly satisfied. They go one extra step beyond expectations. The Christmas party was WAY beyond expectations. For the guest and reef, please provide reef hooks for high current dives. You need more marketing especially online. 
Michael & Kimberly Ester, 20 - 27 Dec 2011 

How do we know we exceed every expectation? Because guests tell us so, plus return year after year and delightedly recommend Manthiri to other divers and friends. Here are just a few of the gratifying comments they’ve made about their experiences with us: 

Every aspect of the trip was wonderful from the dive masters to the boat crew + captains to the waiter to the cooks to the room boy. We didn't have to lift a finger to wash our gear or even hang up our wet bathing suits. We felt like we were royalty! The diving was exceptional--especially with Mantas! The meals/snacks were delicious + abundant + top-notch! Our waiter was the most courteous + polite young man who couldn't do enough for us. Our room by was very & was always attentive & was always there when we needed him. Both the dive & boat crew were beyond compare. 
Beth Katz & Steven Schwartz, October 26, 2011 

The staff is excellent. Everyone went to great lengths to make us welcome and take care of our needs. The boat crew was especially accommodating and took great care of dive gear and camera. Food was excellent. 
Carl Frascogna, October 26, 2011 

As always, your crew took excellent care of our group. All staff were professional and helpful. We will definitely come back. 
Jeri Herr Feb 21 - Mar 01, 2009 

My time on Manthiri has been a very special and enjoyable experience. The beauty we experienced above and below surface are memories I will treasure forever. Special mention: the food was excellent and far exceeded expectations. Manju’s service was delightful. Dr Air was a true professional! 
Kyla Jane Hunt Feb 15- 20, 2009 

Absolutely wonderful. Moosa, Kana, Ali — all fantastic 
Steven & Mary Schwartz Jan 11 - 20, 2009 

Outstanding diving, great service, exceptional attention to detail. 
Michael Gerken Nov 30 - Dec 07, 2008

Three great trips: Jan 2007, March 2007, Sep 2008. Best diving anywhere. More fish. Great reefs. Crew was great. Weather was great. Moosa is a great host and dive guide.
Bernard Volz Sep 9 - 17, 2008 

Beautiful boat, amazing choices of food at meals...staff is very friendly and helpful — server's smile and ability excellent. This is a top-notch liveaboard with wonderful service and exceptional diving. We can't wait until our next trip! Thank you all. 
Drew & Kandie Vactor Aug 30 - Sep 06, 2008 

We enjoyed our time on Manthiri even more than the 4 to 5 Star resorts we stayed at in the Maldives. In addition to the wonderful diving, we enjoyed getting to experience the local island and Maldivian culture. The crew went out of their way to make our honeymoon extremely memorable and we would like to thank everyone.
John Lisenbery Sep 29 - Oct 06, 2007 

A trip of a lifetime! The diving was amazing and the crew fantastic. What a pleasure!!! The dive boat crew was always there. Ali took great care of us for meals, drinks, etc. All-around terrific crew. Always smiles. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime. 
Gina Del Giogio Keron Oct 06 - 15, 2006 

A world-class operation. I will recommend it most enthusiastically 
Stan Waterman, Sep 17 - 28, 2006 

The entire crew is excellent. The best I have ever known. 
Michael MacNeel Sep 17 - 28, 2006 

Manthiri is one of the top 5 liveaboards I have experienced in 28 years of diving. 
Nancy McGee Sep 17 - 28, 2006 

Diving was fantastic. 
Susannah Waterman Sep 17 - 28, 2006