“Memorable” “Amazing” “Fantastic”

Our guests will tell you: perhaps nowhere else is sea life as richly abundant and dazzling as it is in Maldives. More than one thousand tiny islands are scattered like gems across our crystalline waters. Long protected from commercial fishing, our seas offer unrivalled marine life and spectacular diving among the shallows and deep reefs — and no one knows those waters better than the team on Manthiri. Possessing expert knowledge of local marine life and of Maldives’ most remote and pristine dive sites, no other liveaboard in Maldives furnishes the topflight dive experience of Manthiri. Our highly trained eleven-person crew will provide for your every need aboard our serene and spacious yacht and custom-built dive tender.

On Manthiri, we’re dedicated to spoiling you from the first moment you arrive, so… Maruhaba. Welcome.

“Manthiri is a world-class operation. I will recommend it most enthusiastically.”

Stan Waterman
Stan is a diving pioneer, author and video producer - WEB : www.stanwaterman.com